Engineering Department

Engineering Department


Background History

Engineers and technicians were serving in No(3)Sawmill owned by Bombay Burma Company, No(6)Sawmill owned by Steel Brother Company. United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) started to give technical assistance to Myanmar for mechanical extraction system since 1958. Forest road construction, log skidding, log loading / unloading, and log transportation tasks were to be carried by heavy equipments such as bulldozers, log skidders, log loaders, and logging trucks starting from 1960.


Engineering Department has been established in 1960 with engineers and personnel from sawmills and extraction sectors. In 1966, 20 numbers of bulldozers, 50 numbers of log loaders, and 60 numbers of logging trucks were procured and imported to promote log extraction work. In 1975, 2634 employees were working for Engineering Department. In 1990, Engineering Department has been reorganized with 5859 engineering staffs.

Duties & Responsibilities of Engineering Department


Duties and responsibilities of engineering department are as follows:


(a) Repairing of machineries and equipments
(b) Supervision on maintenance
(c) Engineering inspections
(d) Technical advisory
(e) Innovations
(f) Procurement
(g) Storage & disposal
(h) Departmental Instructions
(i) Supervision on construction
(j) Skilled training
(k) Occasional duties given by Managing Director


Sanctioned Strength of Engineering Department

1. Officer 164 Nos.
2. Other ranks 5794 Nos.
  Total 5958 Nos.
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