MTE Computer Training Centre

MTE Computer Training Centre

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 Computer training courses are provided to all employees regarding with new technology change. Accounting Course, Microsoft Office course and Web Development Course are available.


MTE Computer Training Centre

1 Basic Computer Training 3 weeks
2 Web Development 6 months
3 Accounting 3weeks


In this MTE’s computer training centre, there are three main course namely Basic course, Web development and Accounting course. In these training, Web Developing course are taken a time for half an year, because of developers works is difficult in computer net working program.


Yearly Trainees of MTE employees at Computer Training Centre


Sr NoTRAINING2008-092009-102010-112011-12
1 Basic Computer Training 77 88 82 100
2 Web Development 21 - - -
3 Accounting 59 76 82 114
  Total 157 164 164 214

In this computer training programs, Basic and Accounting programs increase in number of employees cause in newly computerized system implementation in organization. Web developing course are existed in after 3 years later.

Yearly Computer Trainees of MTE employees.


Yearly Computer Trainees of MTE


This figure shows increase in number of trainee in computer training program due to the need of utilizations in computer system. The task of Organization change in paper work office program to computerized program need the computer trained employees. So that computer trainees are more attended in 2008 to 2012.

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